All bookings are subject to a nonrefundable security deposit, up to but not exceeding 50% of the desired session. Failure to show or reschedule within 48 hour notice, will result in the booking being canceled. all sessions will include basic, skin retouching and color grading. all images will be sent to a google drive, with clients email attached for access to download the images in high resolution. after 72 hours the drive will become closed only after the client has informed me, that they have downloaded the images. Please allow a minimal of two weeks for delivery of photos. 
Portrait session are ideal for anyone looking for casual shots to something more refined and elevated. weather your needing head shots for your business, candid moments of loved ones, that curious look your pet gives you, portfolio shots for your makeup artistry, promo shots of that fresh fade, something frightfully moody, and morbid, or something more contemporary for the sake of some creativity. I assure you portraiture is the way to go. all my portraits include basic skin retouching, and color grading to ensure you look your absolute best at any angle. a portrait can speak a thousand words, they can captivate and demand the audiences attention in ways one can only dream of. never under estimate the power of portraiture.
Portrait Session:     10 images for $100.00          
Portrait Session:     20 images for $200.00
Fashion sessions the best choice if your looking for full head to toe style, personality, and audacity. need your latest designs to be professionally captured, with just the right amount of unique edge and attitude? wanting something glamourous and elegant for a red carpet impression? hoping to land your designs in the latest publication? fashion sessions will include skin retouching, color grading and stylized editing to fit your desired needs. all fashion sessions will include how ever many outfits/designs you need photographed. rates will be discussed by a client basis, to meet their needs and deadlines. other wise standard sessions will always be limited to two outfits/designs.
Fashion Session:     10 images for  $200.00
Fashion session:     20 images for $300.00
boudoir sessions are for the candid yet intimate moments of beauty. they're ideal for spicing things up weather for yourself or for that special love in your life. they're truly empowering and rewarding for those daring to embrace their body, mind, and soul. Body positivity can be challenging for many, this is wear boudoir comes in play. boudoir offers you a personal journey of embracing that inner beauty, while seeing the absolute magic and cosmic wonder that your body truly is. we're all made of stars, and I want you to shine bright. couples boudoir are most welcomed, they are truly a beautiful and wonderous moment to share with one another.  I will always recommend bringing your spouse/partner, or trusted friend to a boudoir session if your anxious. At any moment during a session you feel uncomfortable and wish to no longer do the shoot I will hand you the camera to delete all photos than and there no questions asked. the models comfort and state of mind will always be my top priority. All boudoir sessions will include refined and mindful skin retouching, color grading, and styled editing of your request. all clients requesting boudoir session must be over the age of 18, proof of age is mandatory  before the shoot. Must be a valid state identification card, or drivers/commercial drivers license.    
Boudoir session:     10 images for $300.00     
Boudoir session:     20 images for $400.00

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